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Sabbath Day
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Sabbath Day

A holy day set apart each week for rest and worship. After God created all things, He rested on the seventh day and commanded that one day each week be a day of rest to help people remember Him (Ex. 20:8–11).

Before the Resurrection of Christ, the members of the Church observed the last day of the week as the Sabbath, as did the Jews. After the Resurrection, the members of the Church, whether Jews or Gentiles, observed the first day of the week (the Lord’s day) to remember the Lord’s Resurrection. The Church today continues to observe one day each week as a holy sabbath day on which to worship God and rest from the labors of the world.

The Sabbath reminds people of their need for spiritual nourishment and of their duty to obey God. When a nation grows careless in observing the Sabbath, all aspects of life are affected and its religious life becomes decayed (Neh. 13:15–18; Jer. 17:21–27).