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Helaman, Son of Helaman
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Helaman, Son of Helaman

A prophet and record keeper in the Book of Mormon who taught the Nephite people. He was the grandson of Alma the Younger and father of the Nephi who was given power over all the elements. With his son Nephi, Helaman wrote the book of Helaman.

The book of Helaman

Chapters 1–2 describe a time of great political trouble. Chapters 3–4 record that Helaman and Moronihah, chief captain of the Nephite armies, were able finally to achieve peace for a time. However, in spite of the leadership of these good men, the people grew increasingly wicked. In Helaman 5:1–6:14 Nephi gave up the judgment seat, as his grandfather Alma had done, to teach the people. For a time the people repented. In Helaman 6:15–12:26, however, the Nephite nation became wicked. The final chapters, 13–16, contain the extraordinary account of a prophet called Samuel the Lamanite who foretold the birth and Crucifixion of the Savior and the signs that would mark those events.