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    A book in the Old Testament that tells of the priestly duties in Israel. It emphasizes the holiness of God and the code by which His people could live to become holy. Its object is to teach the moral precepts and religious truths of the law of Moses by means of ritual. Moses wrote the book of Leviticus.

    Chapters 1–7 explain the sacrificial ordinances. Chapters 8–10 describe the ritual observed in the consecration of priests. Chapter 11 explains what may or may not be eaten and what is clean or unclean. Chapter 12 discusses women after childbirth. Chapters 13–15 are laws relating to ceremonial uncleanness. Chapter 16 contains the ritual to be observed on the Day of Atonement. Chapters 17–26 contain a code of laws dealing with religious and social observances. Chapter 27 explains that the Lord commanded Israel to consecrate their crops, flocks, and herds to the Lord.