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Jacob, Son of Lehi
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Jacob, Son of Lehi

A prophet in the Book of Mormon and author of several sermons in the books of 2 Nephi and Jacob (2 Ne. 6–11; Jacob 1–7).

The book of Jacob

The third book in the Book of Mormon. Chapter 1 tells that Nephi transferred the records to Jacob and then consecrated Jacob and his brother Joseph to be priests and teachers to the people. Chapters 2–4 are sermons admonishing the people to be morally clean. Jacob also taught of the coming of a redeeming Messiah, and he gave reasons why some in Israel would not accept Him at His coming. Chapters 5–6 contain Jacob’s testimony and a prophetic allegory on the history and mission of the people of Israel. Chapter 7 contains an account of a learned rebel named Sherem, who was overpowered by the divine testimony of Jacob.