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Corinthians, Epistles to

Corinthians, Epistles to

Two books in the New Testament. They were originally letters that Paul wrote to the Saints in Corinth to correct disorder among them. The Corinthians lived in a society that was morally wicked.

First Corinthians

Chapter 1 contains Paul’s greetings and his admonishment for the Saints to be united. Chapters 2–6 are Paul’s corrections of faults of the Corinthian Saints. Chapters 7–12 contain Paul’s replies to certain inquiries. Chapters 13–15 are concerned with charity, spiritual gifts, and the Resurrection. Chapter 16 contains Paul’s counsel to stand strong in the faith.

Second Corinthians

Chapter 1 contains Paul’s greetings and a message of comfort. Chapter 2 contains personal advice for Titus. Chapters 3–7 deal with the power of the gospel in the lives of the Saints and their leaders. Chapters 8–9 counsel the Saints to be cheerful givers to the poor. Chapters 10–12 are an assertion of Paul’s own position as an Apostle. Chapter 13 is an admonition to be perfect.