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James, Brother of the Lord
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James, Brother of the Lord

In the New Testament, a brother of the Lord (Gal. 1:19) and of Joses, Simon, Judas, and some sisters (Matt. 13:55–56; Mark 6:3; Jude 1:1). He was also known as James the Just and occupied an important position in the Church in Jerusalem (Acts 12:17; 15:13; 1 Cor. 15:7; Gal. 2:9–12). He probably wrote the epistle of James.

The epistle of James

A book in the New Testament. Originally it was a letter addressed to the twelve tribes of Israel scattered abroad and was probably written from Jerusalem. The epistle contains some clearly stated items about practical religion, including the important advice in chapter 1 that if a person lacks wisdom, he should ask God for help (James 1:5–6; JS—H 1:9–20). Chapter 2 deals with faith and works. Chapters 3–4 speak of the need to control the tongue and admonish the Saints not to speak evil of one another. Chapter 5 encourages the Saints to have patience and to call for the elders for a blessing when sick; it also teaches of the blessings of helping to convert others.