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The book of Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament and was written by the prophet Moses. It gives an account of many beginnings, such as the creation of the earth, the placing of animals and man on the earth, the Fall of Adam and Eve, the revelation of the gospel to Adam, the beginning of tribes and races, the origin of various languages at Babel, and the beginning of the Abrahamic family leading to the establishment of the house of Israel. Joseph’s role as a preserver of Israel is emphasized in Genesis.

Latter-day revelation verifies and clarifies the record of Genesis (1 Ne. 5; Ether 1; Moses 1–8; Abr. 1–5).

In the book of Genesis, chapters 1–4 relate the creation of the world and the development of the family of Adam. Chapters 5–10 record the history of Noah. Chapters 11–20 tell of Abraham and his family up to the time of Isaac. Chapters 21–35 follow Isaac’s family. Chapter 36 tells of Esau and his family. Chapters 37–50 tell of Jacob’s family and give the account of Joseph being sold into Egypt and his role in saving the house of Israel.