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An Old Testament prophet and leader, and the successor of Moses. He was born in Egypt before the children of Israel escaped (Num. 14:26–31). He and Caleb were among the twelve spies sent to Canaan. They alone gave a good report of the land (Num. 13:8, 16–33; 14:1–10). He died at the age of 110 (Josh. 24:29). Joshua was a great example of a devout prophet-warrior.

The book of Joshua

This book is named after Joshua because he was the principal figure in it and not because he was the author. Chapters 1–12 describe the conquest of Canaan; chapters 13–24 tell of the tribes of Israel dividing up the land and of Joshua’s final counsels.

Two notable verses in the book of Joshua are the Lord’s command to him to meditate on the scriptures (Josh. 1:8) and Joshua’s call to the people to be faithful to the Lord (Josh. 24:15).