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There are several uses of the name or title Elias in the scriptures:


Elias is the New Testament (Greek) form of Elijah (Hebrew), as in Matt. 17:3–4, Luke 4:25–26, and James 5:17. In these instances, Elias was the ancient prophet Elijah whose ministry is recorded in 1 and 2 Kings.


Elias is also a title for one who is a forerunner. For example, John the Baptist was an Elias because he was sent to prepare the way for Jesus (Matt. 17:12–13).


The title Elias has also been applied to others who had specific missions to fulfill, such as John the Revelator (D&C 77:14) and Gabriel (Luke 1:11–20; D&C 27:6–7; 110:12).

A man in Abraham’s dispensation

A prophet called Esaias or Elias who apparently lived in the days of Abraham (D&C 84:11–13; 110:12).