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Mosiah, Son of Benjamin
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Mosiah, Son of Benjamin

A righteous Nephite king and prophet in the Book of Mormon. Mosiah followed the righteous example of his father (Mosiah 6:4–7). He translated the twenty-four gold plates containing the record of the Jaredites (Mosiah 28:17).

The book of Mosiah

A book in the Book of Mormon. Chapters 1–6 contain King Benjamin’s forceful sermon to his people. The Spirit of the Lord touched their hearts and the people were converted and felt no more desire to do evil. Chapters 7–8 tell of a group of Nephites who had gone to live in the land of the Lamanites. A search party was sent out to find them. Ammon, leader of the search party, found them and learned the story of their trials under Lamanite oppression. Chapters 9–24 describe that oppression and how their leaders—Zeniff, Noah, and Limhi—lived under the Lamanites. The martyrdom of a prophet called Abinadi is also recorded. Alma was converted at Abinadi’s trial. Chapters 25–28 recount the stories of how Alma’s son and four sons of King Mosiah became converted. In chapter 29 King Mosiah recommended that a system of judges replace the kings. Alma the son of Alma was elected the first chief judge.