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The Guide to the Scriptures

The Guide to the Scriptures defines selected doctrines, principles, people, and places found in the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. It also provides key scriptural references for you to study for each topic. This Guide can help you in your individual and family study of the scriptures. It can help you answer questions about the gospel, study topics in the scriptures, prepare talks and lessons, and increase your knowledge and testimony of the gospel.

The following diagram explains a sample entry in the Guide to the Scriptures:



The planet on which we live, created by God through Jesus Christ to be used by man during his mortal probation. Its final destiny is to become glorified and exalted (D&C 77:1–2; 130:8–9). The earth will become an eternal inheritance of those who have lived worthy of a celestial glory (D&C 88:14–26). They will enjoy the presence of the Father and the Son (D&C 76:62).

Created for man


End of the World

Topics are in bold letters.

Topics include a brief definition.

Some topics have subentries. These are in italic type.

Related scriptural references are given in parentheses.

Sometimes the information about a subject is not included under the topic you have looked up. The italic word See directs you to the topic where the information is found.

Sometimes other topics in the guide contain information that relates to the topic you are studying. The italic words See also direct you to these related topics.

Scriptural references that help you understand the definition are in parentheses.

Each scriptural reference is preceded by a short quotation from the scripture or summary of the scripture.

The italic word See (or See also) followed by this dash tells you that the information is found in a subentry (“End of the world”) of a main topic (“World”).