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Alma, Son of Alma
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Alma, Son of Alma

In the Book of Mormon, the first chief judge and prophet in the Nephite nation. In his early years he sought to destroy the Church (Mosiah 27:8–10). However, an angel appeared to him and he was converted to the gospel (Mosiah 27:8–24; Alma 36:6–27). Later he gave up his position as chief judge in order to teach the people (Alma 4:11–20).

The book of Alma

A separate book in the Book of Mormon, comprising an abridgment of the records of the prophets Alma, the son of Alma, and his son Helaman. The events depicted in the book take place from approximately 91 to 52 B.C. The book contains 63 chapters. Chapters 1–4 describe the rebellion of the followers of Nehor and Amlici against the Nephites. The resulting wars were among the most destructive to that point in Nephite history. Chapters 5–16 contain the account of Alma’s early missionary journeys, including his sermon on the Good Shepherd (Alma 5) and his preaching with Amulek in the city Ammonihah. Chapters 17–27 contain the record of the sons of Mosiah and their ministry among the Lamanites. Chapters 28–44 contain some of Alma’s most important sermons. In chapter 32 Alma compared the word to a seed; in chapter 36 he recounted his conversion story to his son Helaman. Chapters 39–42 record Alma’s counsel to his son Corianton, who had become involved in moral transgression; this important sermon explains justice, mercy, Resurrection, and the Atonement. Chapters 45–63 describe Nephite wars of that time period and migrations under Hagoth. Such great leaders as Captain Moroni, Teancum, and Lehi helped to preserve the Nephites through their courageous and timely actions.