Scripture Stories
The Second Parable: The Lost Coin

“The Second Parable: The Lost Coin,” New Testament Stories (2005), 88–89

“The Second Parable: The Lost Coin,” New Testament Stories, 88–89

The Second Parable

The Lost Coin

woman searching for coin

A woman had 10 silver coins. She lost one of the coins. She looked all over the house for it.

woman holding up coin

At last she found the coin. She was very happy. She called her friends and neighbors to tell them. They too were happy that she had found the lost coin.

Jesus standing with outstretched arms

Church leaders and members are like the woman in the story; the lost coin is like a member of the Church who does not go to church or try to live the commandments anymore. It is as if they are lost from the Church. Jesus Christ wants Church members to find any lost brothers or sisters and help them come back to Him. He is very happy when this happens.

Jesus the Christ, 455–56

group of people dressed in white

The friends and neighbors in the story are like the angels of God. The angels are very happy when a person repents.