Scripture Stories
Chapter 23: The Man Who Could Not Walk

“Chapter 23: The Man Who Could Not Walk,” New Testament Stories (2005), 57–58

“Chapter 23,” New Testament Stories, 57–58

Chapter 23

The Man Who Could Not Walk

Jesus teaching people

One day Jesus was teaching a group of people in a house.

men carrying another man on bed

Some men carried their friend on a bed to see Jesus. The friend could not walk. The men could not get him into the house because of all the people.

men lowering man on bed into house

The men took their friend up onto the roof. They removed part of the roof and lowered their friend into the house.

Jesus healing man

When He saw the great faith of these men, Jesus told the sick man that his sins were forgiven. He told him to pick up his bed and go home. The man stood up. He was healed. He picked up his bed and walked home. He was very thankful to God.