Scripture Stories
Chapter 11: Jesus Is Tempted

“Chapter 11: Jesus Is Tempted,” New Testament Stories (2005), 30–31

“Chapter 11,” New Testament Stories, 30–31

Chapter 11

Jesus Is Tempted

Jesus in the wilderness

Jesus went into the wilderness to be with God. The Savior talked with Heavenly Father. He did not eat anything for 40 days because He was fasting.

Matthew 4:1–2 (see footnotes 1b and 2c); Luke 4:1–2 (see footnote 2a)

Jesus in the wilderness

The devil came and tempted Jesus to prove that He was the Son of God. First, he told Jesus to change some rocks into bread. Jesus was hungry, but He knew that He should use His power only to help other people. He did not do what the devil said.

Matthew 4:2–4; Jesus the Christ, 128–29

Jesus on roof of temple

Next the Holy Ghost took Jesus to a high place on the temple. The devil tempted Jesus a second time, telling Him to jump off the temple wall. The devil said that if Jesus was the Son of God, the angels would not let Him be hurt. Jesus did not jump. He knew that it would be wrong to use His sacred powers in this way.

Matthew 4:5–7 (see footnotes 5a and 6a)

Jesus in wilderness

Then the Holy Ghost took Jesus to the top of a mountain. He showed Jesus all the kingdoms and treasures of the world. The devil told Jesus that He could have all these things if He would obey him. Jesus said He would only obey Heavenly Father. He told the devil to go away. The devil left. Jesus was ready to begin His work.

Matthew 4:8–11 (see footnotes 8a and 9a)