Scripture Stories
Chapter 57: Wicked Men Kill Stephen

“Chapter 57: Wicked Men Kill Stephen,” New Testament Stories (2005), 150–51

“Chapter 57,” New Testament Stories, 150–51

Chapter 57

Wicked Men Kill Stephen

Apostles helping man

Many Jewish leaders thought that miracles would stop when Jesus died. However, the Apostles also performed miracles. Many people believed in Jesus Christ and joined the Church.

soldier threatening man

This made many Jewish leaders angry. They put Peter and John in prison. King Herod Agrippa had the Apostle James killed.

Apostle Stephen

The Apostles called seven men to help lead the Church. One was a righteous man named Stephen. He taught the gospel to many people. Some wicked people lied and said that Stephen spoke against Jewish law. They took him to be tried by the Jewish leaders.

Stephen teaching people

Stephen told the leaders that they were wicked. He said that they had killed Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Heavenly Father and Jesus appearing to Stephen

Then Stephen looked up into heaven and saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. When he told the leaders what he saw, they were very angry.

people throwing stones at Stephen

They took Stephen out of the city to kill him by throwing stones at him. They laid their coats at the feet of a young man named Saul. As Stephen was dying, he asked God to take his spirit to heaven. He also asked God to forgive those who were killing him. Then he died.