Scripture Stories
Chapter 7: The Wise Men

“Chapter 7: The Wise Men,” New Testament Stories (2005), 18

“Chapter 7,” New Testament Stories, 18

Chapter 7

The Wise Men

wise men seeing new star

Some wise men lived in another land. They knew what the prophets had said about the birth of Jesus. When they saw a new star in the sky, they knew that a new king had been born.

wise men talking to King Herod

The Wise Men went to see Herod, a king of the Jews, in Jerusalem. They asked him where the new king was. Herod told them to look in Bethlehem. When they found the baby they were to come back and tell Herod.

wise men visiting baby Jesus

The Wise Men went to Bethlehem and found Jesus. They worshipped Him and gave Him gifts. They were told in a dream not to go back to Jerusalem and tell Herod where the baby was. They didn’t.