Scripture Stories
Chapter 45: The Widow’s Mites

“Chapter 45: The Widow’s Mites,” New Testament Stories (2005), 113–14

“Chapter 45,” New Testament Stories, 113–14

Chapter 45

The Widow’s Mites

man placing money in box

Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem. He watched as people gave money for the church. Many rich people gave a lot of money.

woman placing coin in box

A poor widow gave two pieces of money called mites. It was not very much money, but it was all the money she had.

Jesus speaking

Jesus saw the widow and told the disciples what she had done.

man counting money

He said the rich people had given a greater amount of money than she had, but they had more to give.

woman leaving temple

The widow had no more money. She gave all that she had. She gave more to God than all the rich people.