Scripture Stories
New Testament Time Line

“New Testament Time Line,” New Testament Stories (2005), 184–85

“Time Line,” New Testament Stories, 184–85

New Testament Time Line

Before Jesus’s Birth to A.D. 2

  1. Elisabeth and Zacharias

  2. Mary and the Angel

  3. John the Baptist Is Born

  4. Joseph and the Angel

(A.D. 0–2)

  1. Jesus Christ Is Born

  2. Presentation at the Temple

  3. The Wise Men

  4. Wicked King Herod

A.D. 11

  1. The Boy Jesus

A.D. 31

  1. Jesus Is Baptized

  2. Jesus Is Tempted

  3. The Wedding in Cana

  4. Jesus and His Heavenly Father’s House

  5. Nicodemus

  6. The Woman at the Well

  7. The Leader’s Son

  8. Angry People in Nazareth

  9. Jesus Chooses His Apostles

  10. The Sermon on the Mount

  11. Jesus Teaches about Prayer

  12. Jesus Commands the Winds and the Waves

  13. The Man with the Evil Spirits

  14. The Man Who Could Not Walk

A.D. 32

  1. Jairus’s Daughter Is Raised from the Dead

  2. A Woman Touches Jesus’s Clothes

  3. Jesus Forgives a Woman

  4. Doing His Father’s Work on Earth

A.D. 33

  1. Jesus Feeds 5,000 People

  2. Jesus Walks on the Water

  3. The Bread of Life

  4. Jesus Heals a Deaf Man

  5. Peter Testifies of Christ

  6. Appearing in Glory: The Transfiguration

  7. The Boy with an Evil Spirit

  8. The Good Samaritan

  9. Jesus Tells Three Parables

    • The Lost Sheep

    • The Lost Coin

    • The Lost Son

  10. The Ten Lepers

  11. The Pharisee and the Publican

  12. Jesus Heals a Blind Man

  13. The Good Shepherd

  14. Jesus Blesses the Children

  15. The Rich Young Man

A.D. 34

  1. Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life

Last Week of the Savior’s Life

  1. The Savior Goes to Jerusalem

  2. The Widow’s Mites

  3. The Second Coming

  4. The Ten Virgins

  5. The Talents

  6. The First Sacrament

  7. Other Teachings at the Last Supper

  8. Jesus Suffers in the Garden of Gethsemane

  9. The Trials of Jesus

  10. Jesus Is Crucified

  11. Jesus Is Risen

A.D. 34–70

  1. The Apostles Lead the Church

  2. Peter Heals a Man

  3. Wicked Men Kill Stephen

  4. Simon and the Priesthood

  5. Saul Learns about Jesus

  6. Peter Brings Tabitha Back to Life

  7. Paul and Silas in Prison

  8. Paul Obeys the Holy Ghost

  9. Paul Finishes His Mission

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