Scripture Stories
Chapter 56: Peter Heals a Man

“Chapter 56: Peter Heals a Man,” New Testament Stories (2005), 148–49

“Chapter 56,” New Testament Stories, 148–49

Chapter 56

Peter Heals a Man

man asking for money

A man who could not walk was carried to the temple every day. He sat by the temple doors and asked for money. One day he saw Peter and John about to enter the temple.

Apostles talking to man

He asked Peter and John for money. Peter said that he did not have any money. Peter said that he would give the man something else.

Peter helping the man stand

Peter blessed the man in the name of Jesus Christ and healed him. Then he helped the man stand up.

Peter helping the man walk

The man walked for the first time in his life. Many people saw the man walking and leaping. They knew it was a miracle. They knew Peter had the power of God. Peter told them that Jesus Christ had given him the power to heal the man. Peter was a great missionary. He helped many people believe in and follow Jesus Christ.