Scripture Stories
Chapter 15: The Woman at the Well

“Chapter 15: The Woman at the Well,” New Testament Stories (2005), 38–39

“Chapter 15,” New Testament Stories, 38–39

Chapter 15

The Woman at the Well

Jesus traveling

Jesus left Jerusalem to go into Galilee. He traveled through Samaria and came to a well.

Jesus talking to woman

He was tired, and He rested by the well. A Samaritan woman came to get some water. Jesus asked her to give Him a drink.

woman standing

Since Jews usually did not talk with Samaritans, the woman was surprised.

Jesus talking

Jesus told the woman that He could give her a kind of water that would cause her never to thirst again. He explained that He was the Savior. The water He could give her was the “living water” of eternal life.

woman talking to people

The woman went to the city and told many people about Jesus. They went to the well and listened to Jesus themselves. Many of them believed His words.