Scripture Stories
Chapter 16: The Leader’s Son

“Chapter 16: The Leader’s Son,” New Testament Stories (2005), 40–41

“Chapter 16,” New Testament Stories, 40–41

Chapter 16

The Leader’s Son

man at son’s bedside

A leader of the Jewish people had a son who was very sick. Everyone thought that his son would soon die.

men riding horses

The man left his son at home and traveled many miles to the city of Cana. There he found Jesus.

man talking to Jesus

The man asked the Savior to come and heal his son. Jesus told him that his son would be healed. The man believed Jesus, and he started for home.

servants running to man

His servants came to meet him. They told him that his son was getting better and would live. He asked them when his son had begun to get well. They told him. It was at the same time Jesus had said that the son would be healed.

man smiling at son

The man knew that Jesus Christ had healed his son. He and all his family believed in the Savior.