Scripture Stories
Chapter 1: Elisabeth and Zacharias

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“Chapter 1: Elisabeth and Zacharias,” New Testament Stories (2005), 6–7

“Chapter 1,” New Testament Stories, 6–7

Chapter 1

Elisabeth and Zacharias

New Testament stories [art]

Zacharias and his wife, Elisabeth, were Jews who lived near Jerusalem. They obeyed God’s commandments. For many years they prayed to have a baby. When they were old, they still had no children.

New Testament stories [art]

Zacharias was a priest in the temple. One day an angel named Gabriel came to him. Gabriel said that God would answer Zacharias and Elisabeth’s prayers. They would have a baby. Gabriel said they should name the baby John.

New Testament stories [art]

Gabriel said that John would be a righteous prophet of God. He would teach people about Jesus Christ.

New Testament stories [art]

Zacharias did not believe the angel. Elisabeth was too old to have a baby. Gabriel said that because he did not believe what God had promised, Zacharias would not be able to talk until John was born.