Scripture Stories
Chapter 46: The Second Coming

“Chapter 46: The Second Coming,” New Testament Stories (2005), 115–17

“Chapter 46,” New Testament Stories, 115–17

Chapter 46

The Second Coming

Jesus teaching disciples

Jesus was on the Mount of Olives. His disciples wanted to ask Jesus some questions. They asked when the wicked would be destroyed. They also wanted to know when Jesus would come again.

man speaking to crowd

Jesus told them that before His Second Coming, false prophets would claim to be the Christ. Many people would follow them. But if His followers obeyed His words, they would not be fooled by the false prophets. They would be saved.

family walking through ruins

Jesus also said that before He comes again, there will be many wars, famines, terrible sicknesses, and earthquakes. Many people will stop helping others and become wicked.

man walking away from missionaries

The gospel will be preached to the whole world, but many people will not listen.

falling stars

The sun will be darkened, the moon will not shine, and stars will fall from heaven.

Jesus appearing to people

When Jesus Christ comes again, people will see Him coming down from the clouds with power and great glory. He will send His angels to gather the righteous together.

family looking at picture of Jesus

We can prepare for the Second Coming by doing what is right. When we see the signs Jesus promised, we will know that the Savior’s coming is near. No one knows exactly when Jesus will come again. If we are prepared, we can be with Him.