Scripture Stories
Chapter 62: Paul Obeys the Holy Ghost

“Chapter 62: Paul Obeys the Holy Ghost,” New Testament Stories (2005), 161

“Chapter 62,” New Testament Stories, 161

Chapter 62

Paul Obeys the Holy Ghost

Paul praying

The Holy Ghost told the Apostle Paul to go to Jerusalem. The Holy Ghost said that Paul would be put in prison. Paul was not afraid. He loved the Savior and did what the Holy Ghost had told him to do.

Paul talking to friends

Paul said good-bye to his friends. He said he would never see them again. He told them to live the gospel and obey God’s commandments. Paul warned them not to listen to people who would try to teach them things that are not true.

men watching boat leave

Paul told them to love and take care of each other. He knelt and prayed with them. Everyone cried. They went with him to the boat and watched Paul leave for Jerusalem.