People to Know

    “People to Know,” New Testament Stories (2005), 179

    “People to Know,” New Testament Stories, 179

    People to Know


    a Roman king who ruled in Israel. Paul told Agrippa about Jesus Christ.


    a disciple of Jesus Christ who lived in Damascus. He blessed Paul and took care of him after Paul was blinded during a vision.


    a faithful widow who saw Jesus when He was a baby and taught people that Jesus was the Son of God and the Redeemer


    the Jewish high priest who took part in condemning Jesus at His trial


    an Old Testament prophet


    the mother of John the Baptist


    the angel who visited Mary and told her that she would be the mother of Jesus. Gabriel also came to Zacharias and told him he would have a son who would be John the Baptist.


    may refer to Heavenly Father or to Jesus Christ

    Heavenly Father

    the Father of our spirit bodies. We pray to Him.


    a wicked king who ruled in Jerusalem when Jesus was born. He had all the babies in Bethlehem killed in hopes of killing the baby Jesus.

    Holy Ghost

    one of the three members of the Godhead. He helps Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He has power to help people know the truth. He is a spirit and does not have a body of flesh and bone.


    an Old Testament prophet who wrote about Jesus


    a Jewish leader in Capernaum. Jesus raised his daughter from the dead.


    one of Jesus’s Twelve Apostles. He was one of Peter’s counselors after Jesus’s death.

    Jesus Christ

    the Son of God and Savior of the world. He suffered and died for our sins.


    Israelites who were part of the kingdom of Judah. Jesus was a Jew.


    one of Jesus’s Twelve Apostles. He was one of Peter’s counselors after Jesus’s death.

    John the Baptist

    the prophet who baptized Jesus. He was the son of Zacharias and Elisabeth.


    Mary’s husband. Joseph took good care of Jesus and Mary.

    Joseph Smith

    When Joseph Smith was a boy, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ visited him. They told him not to join any of the churches then on the earth because they had all strayed from the truth. Through Joseph Smith, the true Church of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth.

    Judas Iscariot

    one of Jesus’s Apostles. Judas turned Jesus over to wicked men for 30 pieces of silver.


    a man Jesus raised from the dead


    the mother of Jesus

    Mary and Martha

    the sisters of Lazarus and friends of Jesus

    Mary Magdalene

    Jesus’s friend and the first person to see Jesus after His Resurrection


    a disciple of Jesus who was called to take Judas Iscariot’s place as one of the Twelve Apostles


    another name for Jesus Christ


    an Old Testament prophet


    a ruler of the Jews who believed that Jesus was the Savior. Jesus taught Nicodemus about baptism.


    a man who did not like Jesus’s disciples until he saw Jesus in a vision and became converted. He then served God and became one of the Apostles. He was also known as Saul.


    one of Jesus’s Twelve Apostles and President of the Church after Jesus’s death


    leaders of the Jews. Most of them hated Jesus and His disciples.

    Pontius Pilate

    the Roman governor in Jerusalem. The Jews told Pilate to crucify Jesus, and Pilate allowed Jesus to be killed.


    the people who controlled the land Jesus lived in during His life


    a group of people who lived in the land Jesus lived in. The Jews and Samaritans usually did not like each other.


    a spirit son of Heavenly Father. He did not obey Heavenly Father, so he was sent out of heaven. He became the devil. Satan tries to tempt people to do that which is wrong.


    see Paul


    Jesus Christ is the Savior. He suffered and died for our sins. Because of Him, we can be forgiven of our sins, if we repent, and we will live forever.


    a missionary and Paul’s friend


    a righteous man who saw the baby Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem


    a man in Samaria. He tried to buy the priesthood from Peter and John. They taught him that a person cannot buy the priesthood.


    a righteous leader of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Pharisees killed him.


    a good woman whom Peter brought back to life


    the father of John the Baptist