Scripture Stories
Chapter 26: Jesus Forgives a Woman

“Chapter 26: Jesus Forgives a Woman,” New Testament Stories (2005), 64–66

“Chapter 26,” New Testament Stories, 64–66

Chapter 26

Jesus Forgives a Woman

man talking to Jesus

A Pharisee asked the Savior to come to his house and eat with him.

woman standing before Jesus

A woman who had many sins lived in the city. She knew that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house. She wanted to do something special for Jesus.

woman washing Jesus’s feet

She knelt and washed the Savior’s feet with her tears. Then she dried His feet with her hair and kissed them. She put sweet-smelling oil on them too. The Pharisee knew that the woman had done many things that were wrong. He thought that Jesus should not have let the woman touch Him.

Jesus talking to man

The Savior knew what the Pharisee was thinking. He told the Pharisee that the woman had done more to care for Him than the Pharisee had. The Pharisee had not given Jesus water to wash His feet or oil for His head, as was often done for guests.

Jesus talking to woman

Jesus told the Pharisee that the woman’s sins were forgiven because she loved the Savior and had faith in Him. Jesus told the woman to go in peace.

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