Scripture Stories
Chapter 59: Saul Learns about Jesus

“Chapter 59: Saul Learns about Jesus,” New Testament Stories (2005), 154–55

“Chapter 59,” New Testament Stories, 154–55

Chapter 59

Saul Learns about Jesus

two men talking

Saul had watched the people kill Stephen. One day Saul was walking to the city of Damascus with some friends. He wanted to put some of Christ’s disciples in prison.

man seeing bright light

Suddenly a bright light from heaven surrounded him. He fell to the ground. Then Saul heard the voice of Jesus asking him why he was trying to hurt the Saints. Saul was afraid. He asked Jesus what he should do. The Savior said Saul should go to Damascus. There Saul would be told what he needed to do.

man leading blind man

Saul opened his eyes, but he could not see. He was blind. His friends took him to Damascus.

Jesus appearing to man

A disciple of Jesus Christ named Ananias lived in Damascus. In a vision, Jesus told Ananias to go to Saul.

man blessing another man

Ananias had the priesthood. He put his hands on Saul’s head and blessed him that Saul’s sight would come back. After being healed, Saul was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Apostle Paul teaching

Saul changed his name to Paul. He was called to be an Apostle. He became a missionary for the Church. He wrote many letters. He went to many lands and taught the gospel.