Scripture Stories
Chapter 37: The Ten Lepers

“Chapter 37: The Ten Lepers,” New Testament Stories (2005), 95–96

“Chapter 37,” New Testament Stories, 95–96

Chapter 37

The Ten Lepers

Jesus approaching lepers

Jesus went to a small town where He saw ten lepers. Lepers are people who are sick. Their sickness causes them to get terrible sores all over their bodies.

people running from leper

Doctors could not help the lepers. People were afraid to go near them. They did not want to get sick too.

lepers talking to Jesus

The lepers asked Jesus to heal them. They knew He could make their sores go away.

lepers walking away

Jesus wanted them to be well. He told them to go and show themselves to the priests.

lepers looking at their hands

On their way to the priests, the ten lepers were healed. Their sores were gone.

one leper thanking Jesus

One of the lepers knew that Jesus had healed them. He went back to thank Him. Jesus asked where the other nine lepers were. They had not come back. Jesus told the leper who had thanked Him that the leper’s faith had made him well.