Chapter 36: Jesus Tells Three Parables

    “Chapter 36: Jesus Tells Three Parables,” New Testament Stories (2005), 85–94

    “Chapter 36,” New Testament Stories, 85–94

    Chapter 36

    Jesus Tells Three Parables

    New Testament stories [art]

    One day Jesus was eating and talking with people who many thought were sinners. Some Pharisees saw Him.

    New Testament stories [art]

    The Pharisees believed that good men should not talk to sinners. They thought that Jesus was not a good man because he was talking to sinners.

    New Testament stories [art]

    The Savior wanted to help the Pharisees understand why He was with the sinners. He told them three parables. The first one was about a lost sheep.

    Luke 15:3; Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 277