Chapter 44

The Savior Goes to Jerusalem

“Chapter 44: The Savior Goes to Jerusalem,” New Testament Stories (2005), 110–12

four men talking

Some people told the priests and the Pharisees that Jesus had brought Lazarus back to life. The Pharisees thought that everyone would believe in Jesus. They were afraid that no one would listen to them.

four men talking

The Pharisees planned a way to kill Jesus. They waited for Him to come to Jerusalem for the Passover feast.

Jesus riding through Jerusalem on donkey

Jesus went to Jerusalem. Many people heard that He was coming and went to meet Him. Jesus rode a young donkey into the city. A prophet had written that the Son of God would do this. Many people believed that Jesus was the Son of God. They put palm branches and some of their clothes on the ground for Him to ride over. They shouted hosanna and said that Jesus was their king.

people talking

People in Jerusalem came to see what was happening. They asked who Jesus was. People in the crowd told them that He was a prophet from Nazareth.

three angry men

The Pharisees were angry. They did not want people to believe that Jesus was the Savior. Jesus knew the Pharisees wanted to kill Him.

Jesus talking to disciples

Jesus told His disciples that He would soon die. He would suffer for the sins of all people and then die on a cross. He was the Savior of the world. This was why He had come to earth.