Chapter 34

The Boy with an Evil Spirit

“Chapter 34: The Boy with an Evil Spirit,” New Testament Stories (2005), 80–81

man talking to Jesus

One day a man asked the Savior to help his son. The boy had an evil spirit in him. The disciples had already tried to heal his son, but they could not.

boy lying on ground

Jesus had the man bring his son to Him. When the boy came, the evil spirit made him fall to the ground.

Jesus talking to man

The Savior asked how long the evil spirit had been in the boy. The father said that it had been in him since he was a child.

man crying

Jesus said that He could heal the son if the father had faith. The father began to cry. He said that he had faith. But he asked Jesus to help him have even more faith.

Jesus healing boy

Jesus commanded the evil spirit to come out of the boy and never go into him again. The evil spirit was angry. It hurt the boy again. Then it obeyed Jesus and left.

Jesus helping boy stand

The boy was so quiet that many people said he was dead. But Jesus took his hand and helped him stand up. The boy was healed. The evil spirit was gone.

Jesus teaching disciples

Later the disciples asked Jesus why they had not been able to make the evil spirit leave the boy. Jesus told them that sometimes they needed to fast and pray in order for a person to be healed.