Scripture Stories

“Introduction,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 5

“Introduction,” Old Testament Stories, 5


To the Reader

This book will help you read and understand some of the stories from the Old Testament. These stories are taken from a book that is sacred. As you read these stories, remember they are about real people who lived long ago.

Read the stories over and over until you know them well. You will also want to read them from the Bible. Under each picture you will see where you can find that story in the Bible. Have your father, mother, teacher, or friend help you.

If you do not know a word, look it up in “Words to Know” at the back of the book. If you do not know a person or place, look it up in “People to Know” or “Places to Know” at the back of the book.

To Parents and Teachers

This book will help you teach the scriptures. The “Words to Know,” “People to Know,” and “Places to Know” sections and the maps will help you teach the meanings of words in this book and the identity of Old Testament people and places.

As you teach, share your testimony of the Bible. Encourage those whom you teach to seek prayerfully their own testimonies. Their understanding will grow when you read to them their favorite stories from the Bible itself.

If you are using this volume to teach the handicapped, you may be encouraged by the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith: “All the minds and spirits that God ever sent into the world are susceptible of enlargement” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. by Joseph Fielding Smith [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1938] p.354).