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Daniel and His Friends

“Daniel and His Friends,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Daniel and His Friends,” Old Testament Stories

Daniel 1

Daniel and His Friends

Refusing to eat the king’s food

boys taken by soldiers

The kingdom of Babylon conquered Jerusalem. They took some of the smartest and strongest young men away from their families in Jerusalem and brought them back to Babylon to serve the king.

Daniel 1:1–4

young men in king’s court

Daniel and his friends were some of these young men. They were chosen to serve in the king’s court and become his wise men.

Daniel 1:4–6

food and wine

The king gave Daniel and his friends food and wine. But they would not eat the king’s food or drink the wine. It was against God’s commandments.

Daniel 1:5–8

young men eating

This made the king’s servant afraid for his life. He took care of Daniel and his friends, and he thought if they refused the king’s food, they would grow weaker than the other young men. Then the king would be angry and put the servant to death.

Daniel 1:9–10

Daniel talking to servant

But Daniel trusted God and wanted to obey His commandments. Daniel asked the servant to give them water and grains for 10 days and then compare their health with the health of the other young men. The servant agreed.

Daniel 1:11–14

Daniel and friends studying

After 10 days, Daniel and his friends were healthier than all the other young men. Daniel and his friends followed God’s commandments, and God made them the wisest men in the king’s court.

Daniel 1:15–20