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Enoch the Prophet

“Enoch the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Enoch the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 5; Moses 6–7

Enoch the Prophet

How faith in the Lord saved a city

God talking to Enoch

The Lord Jesus Christ asked Enoch to tell the people to repent. But Enoch thought he could not speak well. He feared that the people would not listen to him.

Genesis 5:22; Moses 6:26–31

people mocking Enoch

The Lord promised to strengthen and protect Enoch even though some people did not like what Enoch taught.

Moses 6:32–39

Enoch teaching people

The Lord’s promise gave Enoch courage. Enoch obeyed the Lord and taught the people with power. He taught about Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost. Some people believed Enoch and wanted to follow the Lord.

Moses 6:47–68

Enoch baptizing woman

Enoch had authority from God to baptize. All the people who believed Enoch were baptized and came closer to the Lord. No one was poor because they took care of each other. They were called Zion because they lived together in love and righteousness.

Moses 7:10–20

life, death, and resurrection of Jesus

One day the Lord showed Enoch a vision of all that would happen on the earth. Enoch saw the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Enoch learned that in the last days the gospel would be restored. He also saw Jesus’s Second Coming.

Moses 7:21–67

God talking to people of Zion

Eventually, all the people in the city of Zion believed Enoch and repented. Because they took care of each other and lived in peace, the Lord took them to live with Him.

Genesis 5:24; Moses 7:18, 21, 68–69