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The Army of Gideon

“The Army of Gideon,” Old Testament Stories (2022)

“The Army of Gideon,” Old Testament Stories

Judges 6–7

The Army of Gideon

Trusting the Lord in battle

Midianites stealing food

The people of Israel were blessed for many years. But then they chose to disobey the Lord. To help them remember Him, the Lord let their enemies the Midianites take their food and animals. The Israelites were starving, so they remembered the Lord and prayed to Him for help.

Judges 6:1–7

an angel talking to Gideon

Gideon was a man from a poor family. The Lord sent an angel to call him to free Israel. Gideon wondered why the Lord chose him.

Judges 6:11–15

people angry with Gideon next to destroyed idol

The Lord told Gideon to destroy places where the Israelites worshipped false gods. When Gideon obeyed, the people were mad.

Judges 6:25–27

Gideon’s father protecting him from angry people

The Israelites wanted to kill Gideon. But Gideon’s father convinced them not to hurt him. Gideon was kept safe.

Judges 6:28–32

Gideon praying

Gideon did not think he could free Israel. There were more than 135,000 soldiers in the Midianite army. But the Lord gave Gideon wisdom and strength.

Judges 6:13–16; 8:10

soldiers leaving the army

The Lord wanted the Israelites to know that they could win with His strength, not their own. Even though Israel had only 32,000 soldiers, the Lord asked Gideon to send home any soldiers who were scared. After 22,000 went home, the Israelites were left with 10,000 soldiers.

Judges 7:2–3

soldiers drinking from water

The Lord said 10,000 was still too many soldiers. He told Gideon to take the army down to the water. Those who drank straight from the water with their mouths would be sent home. Those who used their hands to drink the water could stay. Now only 300 men were left.

Judges 7:4–7

Israelite soldiers with trumpets and lamps around Midianite camp

At last, the Israelites were ready to fight. The Lord showed Gideon how to defeat the Midianites. Gideon told his army to use trumpets and lamps to scare them. The noise and the lights confused the Midianites so much that they started to fight each other. Then they cried out and ran away.

Judges 7:16–22

Gideon leading soldiers

Because Gideon trusted the Lord, the Israelites beat the large Midianite army with only 300 soldiers. The Lord freed the people of Israel.

Judges 7:23–25