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Jacob and His Family

“Jacob and His Family,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Jacob and His Family,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 27–33

Jacob and His Family

How the Lord keeps His promises

Jacob walking with donkey

Jacob left his home to escape his angry brother Esau. Jacob’s father blessed him to find and marry a woman who loved the Lord and kept His commandments.

Genesis 27:42–46; 28:1–5

Jesus Christ appearing to Jacob

While Jacob traveled, the Lord visited him in a vision. He promised to always be with Jacob. Jacob promised to give the Lord a tenth of all he received.

Genesis 28:10–16, 20–22

Jesus Christ talking to Jacob

The Lord promised Jacob that he would have many children. Through Jacob’s children, the families of the earth would be blessed to know the Savior. Jacob’s family in the latter days is called the house of Israel.

Genesis 28:3–4, 14; 1 Nephi 10:14

Jacob and Rachel

Jacob traveled to a land called Haran. There he fell in love with a righteous woman named Rachel.

Genesis 27:43; 29:9–20

Jacob working in field

Jacob agreed to work seven years for her father, Laban, if Laban would allow him to marry Rachel. Laban agreed. Jacob worked for seven years.

Genesis 29:21–27

Jacob, Rachel, and Leah

But Laban wanted Leah, his oldest daughter, to be married first. During the wedding, Laban tricked Jacob and had him marry Leah instead. But Jacob loved Rachel. He promised to work another seven years if he could also marry her. Laban agreed, and Jacob’s family began to grow.

Genesis 29:28–35; 30:3–13, 17–24; Jacob 2:27–30

Jacob traveling with family

Laban did not pay Jacob fairly. But the Lord blessed Jacob with many animals and told Jacob to go back home.

Genesis 30:31, 43; 31:1–7, 17–18


On his way home, Jacob learned that his brother Esau and 400 men were coming to meet him.

Genesis 32:3–6

Jacob hiding family

Jacob thought Esau might still be angry at him. Jacob feared for the safety of his family, so he took them to a safe place and prayed.

Genesis 32:7–24

Jesus Christ talking with Jacob

Jacob prayed all night and into the morning. The Lord visited Jacob and blessed him. The Lord told Jacob that he would be a great leader to many. The Lord changed Jacob’s name to Israel.

Genesis 32:24–30

Esau meeting Jacob

Soon Esau and his men found Jacob and his family. Esau was no longer angry with Jacob. He ran to meet Jacob and hugged him. He was very happy to see him and meet his family. Jacob was happy to see Esau again too.

Genesis 33:1–7

Jacob and Esau looking at family

The Lord kept His promises to Jacob throughout his life. Jacob arrived home with his family and settled there. From then on, Jacob was called Israel, and his family were called Israelites. He continued to keep the commandments and worship the Lord.

Genesis 33:17–20