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Noah and His Family

“Noah and His Family,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Noah and His Family,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 6–9; Moses 8

Noah and His Family

An ark, a flood, and the Lord’s promises

Noah looking at people

Noah and his family obeyed the Lord. All the other people were very wicked. The Lord told Noah a flood would cover the earth if the people did not repent.

Genesis 6:5–13; Moses 8:13–17

Noah teaching people

Noah taught the people that the Lord loved them and wanted them to repent and have faith in Jesus Christ. They would not listen.

Moses 8:19–30

Noah and family building ark

Noah was sad that the people would not repent. The Lord told Noah to build a large ship called an ark. The ark would keep Noah’s family safe during the flood.

Genesis 6:14–18; Moses 8:25

animals walking into ark

Noah’s family brought food into the ark. The Lord sent at least two animals of every kind to Noah. The animals went into the ark, and seven days later it started to rain.

Genesis 6:18–22; 7:1–9

ark floating on sea

Just as the Lord had warned, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. A flood covered the earth.

Genesis 7:6–23

Noah and family

Noah’s family and all the animals in the ark floated safely on the water.

Genesis 7:24; 8:1–3

Noah, family, and animals on land

When the flood ended, the ark landed on dry ground. Noah and his family built an altar to worship the Lord and thank Him for protecting them. The Lord promised to never flood the earth again. He sent a rainbow as a reminder of His promise.

Genesis 8:13–22; 9:8–17