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Abraham and Sarah

“Abraham and Sarah,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Abraham and Sarah,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 11–15; 17; Abraham 1–2

Abraham and Sarah

A promise to bless the human family

angel saves Abraham from priest

Abraham lived in the city of Ur. Wicked priests there wanted to sacrifice him to their idols. Abraham prayed, and the Lord saved him.

Abraham 1:1–20

Abraham and Sarah travel with camel

Then the Lord commanded Abraham and his wife Sarah to leave Ur and travel to a faraway land. He promised to bless them on their journey.

Genesis 12:1–3; Abraham 2:2–4

Abraham and Sarah caring for sheep

Abraham and Sarah trusted the Lord and left Ur. But they felt sad because they couldn’t have children. The Lord comforted them. He promised that they would have a child.

Genesis 11:30–31; 15:1–6; 17:2–16; Abraham 2:6–9

God appears to Abraham

Abraham prayed to the Lord to learn more about Him. The Lord visited Abraham and called Himself Jehovah. Jehovah made a covenant with Abraham. He promised that Abraham would have the priesthood. He also promised that through Abraham’s family, all the families of the earth would be blessed.

Abraham 2:6–11

Abraham and Sarah travel with camels

As Abraham and Sarah traveled, they needed to find food. They tried to live in a land called Canaan. There was no food there, so they had to go to Egypt. But living in Egypt was dangerous for them.

Genesis 12:10–20; Abraham 2:21–25

Abraham and Sarah look at animals

Abraham and Sarah left Egypt and returned to live in Canaan. They brought food and animals from Egypt with them. Canaan was part of the land the Lord promised them.

Genesis 13:1–4, 12; Abraham 2:19

Melchizedek talking to Abraham and Sarah

The Lord also kept His promise that Abraham would receive the priesthood. One day Abraham and Sarah met a righteous king named Melchizedek. Abraham paid tithing to him.

Genesis 14:18–24; Alma 13:15

Melchizedek blessing Abraham

Abraham received the priesthood from Melchizedek. This was the same priesthood that the prophets Adam and Noah had received.

Joseph Smith Translation, Genesis 14:36–40; Abraham 1:2–4; Doctrine and Covenants 84:14

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah were happy in Canaan, but they still worried because they didn’t have a child. They had to trust the Lord’s promise that one day their family would grow and bless the whole earth.

Genesis 13:12; 15:3–6