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Elisha the Prophet

“Elisha the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Elisha the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories

2 Kings 2; 4

Elisha the Prophet

Miracles of the Lord

Elijah talking to Elisha

Through the prophet Elijah, the Lord prepared Elisha to be the next prophet. Then the Lord took Elijah into heaven.

2 Kings 2:1–15

woman pouring oil

The Lord helped Elisha perform many miracles. Elisha once blessed a poor woman’s oil to fill many jars. Then the woman sold the oil to pay her debts.

2 Kings 4:1–7

Elisha talking to family

Another time, a faithful woman served Elisha and was very kind to him. Elisha asked her what he could do to serve her. She hoped for a child. Elisha blessed her and her husband to have a son.

2 Kings 4:8–17

family celebrating

But after a few years, the son got sick and died. The woman went to look for Elisha because she had faith that he could save her son. Elisha came and blessed the boy, and he lived again. The Lord helped Elisha do many miracles. He was a great prophet of the Lord.

2 Kings 4:18–37