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Young David

“Young David,” Old Testament Stories (2022)

“Young David,” Old Testament Stories

1 Samuel 16

Young David

A shepherd boy called to become king

Samuel traveling

The Lord sent the prophet Samuel to find a new king. Saul, who was king at that time, had stopped following the Lord. The Lord told Samuel to travel to Bethlehem and find a man named Jesse. The new king would be one of Jesse’s sons.

1 Samuel 16:1–5

Samuel and Jesse’s sons

Jesse’s older sons were tall and strong. But the Lord told Samuel not to judge them by how they looked.

1 Samuel 16:6–10

Samuel talking to Jesse

Samuel asked Jesse if he had any other sons. Jesse said his youngest son, David, was caring for the sheep. David was brought to Samuel.

1 Samuel 16:11

Samuel and Jesse looking at David the shepherd boy

David was smaller than his brothers and was just a shepherd boy. But the Lord did not care what David looked like. The Lord knew David’s heart was full of faith. He told Samuel that David would be the king. Samuel blessed David. The Spirit of the Lord prepared David to be king.

1 Samuel 16:12–13