Scripture Stories
Jacob and Esau

“Jacob and Esau,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Jacob and Esau,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 25–27

Jacob and Esau

Two brothers and one birthright

Esau and Jacob working

Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys, Jacob and Esau. Esau was a skilled hunter. Jacob lived a simple life and followed the Lord.

Genesis 25:20–28

Esau and Isaac

Esau was born first. The firstborn usually received the birthright blessing from his father. The birthright meant he would lead the family and have more land and animals to help care for the family. But Esau cared more about himself than his family, and he disobeyed his parents and the Lord.

Genesis 25:25, 32; 26:34–35

Jacob gives Esau food

One day Esau came back from hunting. He was very hungry and begged Jacob to feed him. The Lord wanted Jacob to have the birthright blessing because Esau was not worthy of it. Jacob asked Esau to trade him the birthright for some food. Esau agreed and traded his birthright to Jacob.

Genesis 25:23, 29–34; Hebrews 11:20

Rebekah and Isaac

Rebekah and Isaac wanted what was best for their children. They were sad that Esau continued to do the things he wanted and not what the Lord wanted.

Genesis 26:34–35

Isaac talking to Esau

Isaac grew old and blind. Before he died, he asked Esau to hunt and cook an animal for him to eat and enjoy.

Genesis 27:1–4

Rebekah looking at Esau

Rebekah knew that it was time for Isaac to give the birthright blessing.

Genesis 27:5

Rebekah talking to Jacob

Rebekah asked Jacob to get two animals so she could cook the meal before Esau returned. Then Jacob would receive the blessing.

Genesis 27:6–17

Isaac giving Jacob blessing

Jacob dressed up like Esau and brought the meal to his father. Isaac gave Jacob the birthright blessing. When Esau returned, he was very angry with Jacob. But the birthright went to Jacob because he kept the Lord’s commandments and Esau did not.

Genesis 27:18–29