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The Creation of the Earth

“The Creation of the Earth,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“The Creation of the Earth,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 1–2; Moses 1–3; Abraham 3–5

The Creation of the Earth

A beautiful home for Heavenly Father’s children

God and the Lord creating universe

God our Heavenly Father presented the plan of salvation in heaven. We all shouted for joy! We would be able to come to earth to receive a physical body. While on earth, we would learn to follow God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord created the earth following God’s instructions.

Genesis 1:1; Job 38:4–7; Moses 1:32–33; 2:1; Abraham 3:22–27

planet in space

On the first day, the Lord separated light from dark. He called the light day and the darkness night.

Genesis 1:3–5; Moses 2:3–5; Abraham 4:1–5

clouds and ocean

On the second day, He divided the waters between the clouds in the sky and the oceans on the earth.

Genesis 1:6–8; Moses 2:6–8; Abraham 4:6–8

jungle by ocean

On the third day, the Lord formed great oceans and dry land. He named the waters sea and the dry land earth. He made the land beautiful with flowers, fruits, plants, and trees.

Genesis 1:9–13; Moses 2:9–13; Abraham 4:9–13

depiction of night and day

On the fourth day, He created the sun to shine during the day. Then He created the moon and stars to shine at night.

Genesis 1:14–19; Moses 2:14–19; Abraham 4:14–19

sea creatures

On the fifth day, the Lord made the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky. He blessed the creatures to multiply and blessed the fish to fill the waters.

Genesis 1:20–23; Moses 2:20–23; Abraham 4:20–23

jungle animals

On the sixth day, He created animals on the land, some that walked and some that crawled.

Genesis 1:24–25; Moses 2:24–25; Abraham 4:24–25

Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden

Heavenly Father and the Lord went down to earth on the sixth day. Man and woman were created in the image of God. Heavenly Father told them to care for each other and have children. Man and woman were also trusted to care for the land and animals.

Genesis 1:26–27; Moses 2:26–27; Abraham 4:26–31; 5:7–8

Adam and Eve looking at animals

Heavenly Father was happy with everything They created. On the seventh day, They rested from all Their work. The earth was beautiful and filled with life.

Genesis 2:1–3; Moses 3:1–3; Abraham 5:1–3