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Jeremiah the Prophet

“Jeremiah the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories (2022)

“Jeremiah the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories

Jeremiah 1–52

Jeremiah the Prophet

Called before his birth

Jeremiah called as a prophet

Jeremiah lived in Jerusalem when he was young. One day the Lord came to Jeremiah and called him to be a prophet. The Lord told Jeremiah that he was chosen to be a prophet before he was born. The Lord knew that Jeremiah’s life would be hard. But He promised Jeremiah that He would always be with him.

Jeremiah 1:1–10

Jeremiah warning the people

The people in Jerusalem did not keep their promises with the Lord. Because of their wickedness, Jeremiah warned the people that they would be conquered. The Lord said that if they kept the Sabbath day holy, the city of Jerusalem would not be destroyed. But the people did not listen.

Jeremiah 6:1–19; 8–9; 17:21–27

Jeremiah in prison

Jeremiah taught the people for many years. But they did not repent. Instead, they hurt Jeremiah and threw him in prison.

Jeremiah 20:2; 26:8–9; 37:15–18; 38:6

Jeremiah watching Jerusalem be destroyed

Jeremiah loved the people. He cried because of their sins. Just like he said, Jerusalem was destroyed, and the people were captured.

Jeremiah 9:1–8; 25:9–12; 52:1–10

Jeremiah writing prophecies

Jeremiah was taken to Egypt. The Lord told him to write down his prophecies. Jeremiah obeyed the Lord even when things were hard. He continued to tell his people to keep their promises with the Lord.

Jeremiah 36:1–2, 27–32