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Malachi the Prophet

“Malachi the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories (2022)

“Malachi the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories

Malachi 13

Malachi the Prophet

Living the law of tithing

people giving bad tithing

The Jews paid tithing by giving one-tenth of their crops and animals to the Lord. The Lord blessed them when they paid tithing. But some Jews began to give bad bread or blind or sick animals as their tithing. They kept the best for themselves.

Genesis 14:20; 28:22; Deuteronomy 12:6, 11, 17; Malachi 1:7–8, 12–13

Malachi teaching the people

The Lord was not pleased. Malachi, a prophet, told the Jews they were robbing the Lord when they were not honest in paying tithing. Malachi told them to repent.

Malachi 3:8–9

Malachi watching the people give honest tithing

The Lord gave the Jews a promise. If they gave an honest tithing, the Lord would pour out great blessings from heaven.

Malachi 3:10–12