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Daniel and the King’s Dream

“Daniel and the King’s Dream,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Daniel and the King’s Dream,” Old Testament Stories

Daniel 2

Daniel and the King’s Dream

God’s mysterious message to a king

king dreaming

The king of Babylon had a dream that upset him. He demanded that his priests and wise men tell him what the dream meant.

Daniel 2:1–3

king thinking

The king would not tell them the dream. He said if the priests and wise men really had power, they could tell him what the dream was and what it meant.

Daniel 2:4–9

king banishing wise men

The priests and wise men told the king they could not interpret his dream if he would not tell them what it was. They said no man could do that. The king was angry and said he would kill all the wise men in the kingdom, including Daniel and his friends.

Daniel 2:10–13

Daniel talking to soldier

When the king’s guard came to take Daniel and his friends, Daniel asked for more time so that he could tell the king what his dream meant. Daniel knew that God knows and sees everything, even dreams. Daniel asked his friends to pray with him.

Daniel 2:14–18

Daniel praying

God showed Daniel the king’s dream in a vision and taught Daniel what it meant. Daniel thanked God for answering the prayers of him and his friends and for saving their lives. Then he went to tell the king the meaning of the dream.

Daniel 2:19–25

Daniel talking to the king

Daniel said the king’s dream was about a giant statue that was destroyed by a stone cut out of a mountain. The statue represented the kingdoms of the earth. The stone cut out of the mountain represented the kingdom of God that would fill the earth. The king knew that Daniel spoke the truth.

Daniel 2:26–49