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Elijah the Prophet

“Elijah the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories (2021)

“Elijah the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories

1 Kings 16–18

Elijah the Prophet

A mother’s faith and the Lord’s miracles

Elijah talking to King Ahab and Queen Jezebel

The kingdom of Israel had no rain, and water was running out. King Ahab and Queen Jezebel did not like the prophets of the Lord. They even had some of the prophets killed. The king and queen prayed to idols for rain. But the prophet Elijah told them the Lord would not send rain for years.

1 Kings 16:29–33; 17:1; 18:13

Elijah hiding from soldiers

The king and queen were angry at Elijah. The Lord warned Elijah to hide because his life was in danger.

1 Kings 17:2–3

Elijah kneeling in streambed

The Lord led Elijah to a stream and sent birds to bring him food. But because there was no rain, the stream dried up, and Elijah had no water.

1 Kings 17:4–7

Elijah talking to woman

The Lord led Elijah to a woman in a faraway city. Elijah asked her for water and bread. But she had only enough for herself and her son for one more day.

1 Kings 17:8–12

Elijah talking to a woman

Elijah knew it was her last bit of food. He promised that if she fed him, the Lord would provide food for her family until the rains returned.

1 Kings 17:13–14

Elijah, woman, and child eating

The woman made bread for Elijah. Then her oil and flour multiplied! There was enough food for both Elijah and her family for many days.

1 Kings 17:15–16

woman mourning dead child

One day the woman’s son got sick and died. She asked Elijah why the Lord would let this happen to her.

1 Kings 17:17–20

woman hugging child

Elijah had the priesthood. He blessed her son and asked the Lord to allow him to come back to life. The child breathed again, and the woman knew Elijah was a prophet of the Lord.

1 Kings 17:21–24