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Joseph’s Inspired Dreams

“Joseph’s Inspired Dreams,” Old Testament Stories (2022)

“Joseph’s Inspired Dreams,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 3037

Joseph’s Inspired Dreams

A family’s struggle to love each other

Jacob and Joseph in his coat

Rachel and Jacob had prayed for many years to have a son. The Lord answered their prayers when Joseph was born. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son, and he gave Joseph a special coat. Jacob’s 10 older sons were jealous.

Genesis 30:22–24; 37:1–4

Joseph explaining dream about grain

When Joseph was about 17 years old, he had an inspired dream that he was gathering grain in the fields with his brothers. Joseph’s bundle of grain stood tall. But his brothers’ bundles of grain bowed down to Joseph’s. When Joseph told his brothers about the dream, they were angry with him.

Genesis 37:2, 5–8

Joseph explaining dream about stars

Later, Joseph had another inspired dream. In this dream, the sun, the moon, and 11 stars bowed down to him. Joseph told his family about the dream. This dream made it sound like Joseph would rule over the family. Joseph’s brothers became even angrier at him. They did not like his dreams.

Genesis 37:9–11

Joseph checking on brothers

One day Joseph’s brothers were away from home feeding the sheep. Jacob sent Joseph to check on them.

Genesis 37:12–19

Joseph’s brothers

Some of Joseph’s brothers wanted to kill him. They took Joseph’s coat and threw him into a pit.

Genesis 37:20–24

Joseph in a pit

While Joseph was in the pit, his brothers saw travelers going to Egypt. The brothers decided to sell Joseph as a slave to the travelers for 20 pieces of silver.

Genesis 37:25–28

blood on Joseph’s coat

Then Joseph’s brothers put goat’s blood on his coat. The brothers went to their father, Jacob, and showed him the coat. They lied to Jacob and told him that wild animals had killed Joseph.

Genesis 37:31–33

Jacob crying

Jacob cried because he thought Joseph was dead.

Genesis 37:32–35

Joseph living as a slave in Egypt

But Joseph was still alive. He was far away from home in Egypt, living as a slave.

Genesis 37:36