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“Hagar,” Old Testament Stories (2022)

“Hagar,” Old Testament Stories

Genesis 16


The Lord’s plan for His daughter

Hagar pregnant

Hagar was Sarah’s servant. Sarah was old and had no children. She told her husband, Abraham, to marry Hagar so they could have children. Abraham and Hagar got married, and soon Hagar was going to have a baby.

Genesis 16:1–3

Hagar leaves

Hagar and Sarah started being unkind to each other. Hagar chose to run away into the desert.

Genesis 16:4–6

Hagar rests by water

As Hagar traveled, she became very tired and thirsty. At last, she came to a place with water and rested there.

Genesis 16:7

angel speaks to Hagar

The Lord knew about Hagar’s troubles and had a plan to help her. He sent an angel to ask her to go back to Abraham and Sarah. He promised that Hagar’s family would grow. He said the baby she would have was a boy and that she should name him Ishmael.

Genesis 16:7–14

Hagar and Ishmael with Abraham and Sarah

Hagar trusted the Lord and obeyed the angel. She went back to Abraham and Sarah. Hagar had her baby boy, and his name was Ishmael. Hagar knew that the Lord was watching over her.

Genesis 16:11, 15