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Isaiah the Prophet

“Isaiah the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories (2022)

“Isaiah the Prophet,” Old Testament Stories

Isaiah 6–79; 53–54

Isaiah the Prophet

Prophecies about the Lord Jesus Christ

Isaiah being called by the Lord

The Israelites had been conquered many times and wanted the Lord to protect them. One day in the temple, the Lord called a man named Isaiah to teach the people about the coming of Jesus Christ. Isaiah loved the people and taught them about how Christ could save them.

Isaiah 6:1–8

Isaiah prophesying of the birth of Jesus

Isaiah learned that Jesus Christ would come one day to save His people from sin. But not everyone would recognize Him as their Savior. Isaiah was very sad because he knew many people would not believe in Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 6:9–13; 7:14; 53:1–9

Isaiah writing about Christ’s Second Coming

But Isaiah also prophesied of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ would return and be the King of the whole earth. He would come again and fulfill His Father’s plan by bringing kindness and peace forever. Isaiah said everyone would know Jesus Christ is their Savior.

Isaiah 9:6–7; 54:1–10